Honest mortgage broker

What is a great mortgage broker?

It’s easy for us to say that our mission is to put you in touch with the best mortgage brokers in Edmonton, Alberta but what exactly does this mean?

Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t mean we are going to help you find the brokers who did the biggest numbers and had the most sales last year. While they may win awards for pushing through the most deals, we don’t believe that big sales make one a great broker. A great broker is made up from more than that. There is a whole lot more to getting the right mortgage than just finding the best rate. A mortgage is a long term investment so make sure your mortgage has the flexibility to adapt to life’s obstacles and speed bumps.

Great people make great brokers

We believe a great broker cares about more than just making a sale. A great mortgage broker has a natural passion for helping people, networking and building relationships. They are the type of people who are not only willing but eager to answer phones late at night or early in the morning and put in the extra hours combing through details. They put the extra effort into making absolutely certain you are getting the value you deserve. Most importantly, a great mortgage broker should be honest and know the industry like the back of his or her hand. Ask the right questions and stay away from part time brokers who are just looking to make some side cash. A mortgage is a serious commitment and your broker should be serious about finding the right mortgage for you.