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Get Approved for a 0 Down Payment Mortgage in Edmonton Today

Just because you currently have 0 down payment saved in your bank account doesn’t mean you can’t get approved for a mortgage to buy a home. Over the past few years there have been new adjustments to Federal legislation that have ended the age of cash back bank mortgages but there are still options if you are looking for a 0 down payment mortgage in Edmonton. The most common option that potential home buyers take advantage of are what is called a Zero Down Mortgage ,Flexible Down Payment mortgage program or Non-Traditional Mortgage.

Whether you are a first time home buyer or if you have purchased multiple homes in the past, you can get approved for a standard mortgage that includes the best mortgage rates in Alberta with zero money down. Give us a call, send us an e-mail or shoot us a text and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process. Owning your home with a 0 down mortgage in Edmonton is easier than you think!

Get the best rates on zero down payment mortgages with us!

Take advantage of today’s historically low mortgage rates even if you don’t have money saved for a down payment. The CMHC non-traditional mortgage is incredibly affordable, convenient and rather than having the cash up front for your mortgage down payment, it is added to the balance of your mortgage. On top of all this, these mortgages are 100% legal, safe, backed by the federal government and available for almost every home for sale in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Incredibly affordable, under this program you receive a fully discounted rate and it’s often below what the bank branch’s rate offer. The additional cost of this program through CMHC amounts to $250 per $100,000 borrowed, this is charged once, and applied to the balance of the mortgage. The mortgages are 100% safe as they are backed by the federal government and available on existing homes across Edmonton.

Don’t sit and watch the market go up, buy your home today.

Are you tired of paying another person’s mortgage while renting someone another person’s house? Are you tired of dreaming about owning your own home while watching the price of houses get higher and higher? If you are trying to save up that first 5% to buy a home, it can take up to 4 years for even the most diligent and responsible money saver. During that time the price your dream home can skyrocket meaning that the original 5% you were trying to save just turned into 3% and the cycle of renting someone another person’s home keeps going. Stop waiting and get in the real estate game today with a zero down payment mortgage with us!

Zero Down Payment Mortgage Can Actually Save You Money!

Save Money For Four Years

  • – Home Purchase Price: $400,000
  • – 5% Down Payment: $20,000
  • – Save $416 per month for 4 years
  • – Home Price increase 3% per year
  • – Home Value Four Years Later: $450,203.524

Cost of Waiting: $50,203.52

Build Equity with Zero Money Down Now

  • – Target Purchase Price: $400,000
  • – Buy your dream home now with Zero Down Payment Mortgage
  • – Accumulated interest on borrowed down payment carried within mortgage over 4 years: $3128 approximately* OAC
  • – CMHC Zero Down Payment / Flex Down Mortgage Cost: $800

Cost of Zero Down: $3928 ($3128 plus $800 CMHC – these amounts are added to your monthly mortgage payments and not payable up front)

Zero Money Down Mortgage

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